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Notice to Parents 1 of 2018


Newsletter 01 of 2018

18 January 2018

Dear Scottburgh Primary School Family


It gives me great pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to all. A special welcome to all the new families who have joined Scottburgh Primary School. You are all encouraged to involve yourself in school activities and make the most of all that our school has to offer.


We bade farewell to the following staff members at the end of 2017.

Mr Bartman, Mrs Bartman, Miss Bamber and Miss Van Schalkwyk.

We would like to once again thank these staff members for their hard work and dedication and wish them all the best for the future.

We welcome the following new staff members:

  • Miss J.Anderson – SGB Educator – Grade 6
  • Mrs Rampal – SGB Senior Administration Clerk
  • Mrs Govender – Teacher Assistant – FP
  • Mr Maistry – Teacher Assistants – SP
  • Miss Mzindle – Intern Administrator

Management structure at the school is as follows:

  • Principal – Mr S. Naidoo
  • SGB Deputy Principal and Head of Department, Senior Primary – Mrs S. Pillay
  • Head of Department, Foundation Phase – Mrs G. Armstrong
  • SGB Head of Department: Media and I.T. – Mrs X. Black

We have introduced new co-ordinator positions at our school this year and would like to congratulate the following staff members on their new additional role and wish them well for 2018.

Grade Heads:

Grade 1 – Mrs Titlestad

Grade 2 – Mrs Marx

Grade 3 – Mrs Manuel

Grade 4 – Mrs Peter

Grade 5 – Mrs Velayudan

Grade 6 – Mrs Sa Pillay

Grade 7 – Miss Towell

PE and Sport Co-ordinator– Mr Fisher

Year-book Co-ordinator– Miss Towell

Master in charge(MIC)- Sport:

Cricket – Mr Fisher

Swimming – Mrs Peter

Water Polo – Miss Thompson

Rugby – Mr Fisher

Netball – Miss Potgieter

Soccer – Mr Moodley

Hockey – Mrs Titlestad

Chess – Miss Sook

Parent Meetings:

Parent meetings will be held on Monday 22 January and Tuesday 23 January – see table below. Please make attendance at these meetings a priority, as the teachers will be communicating vital information regarding the year’s programme, homework and assessment of learners.

Young Engineers Paid Extra Mural Activity:

All interested parents are invited to attend a display on both Monday (29/01)and Tuesday(30/01) from 17h00 to 17h30.

Monday 22 January (Foundation Phase)  17h30
Grade Teacher Room No
Grade 1A Mrs Armstrong 3
Grade 1V Mrs Vermeulen 1
Grade 1T Mrs Titlestad 7
Grade 2M Mrs Marx 9
Grade 2P Miss Potgieter 77
Grade 2S Mrs Sarkozi 78
Grade 3M Mrs Manuel 76
Grade 3T Miss Thompson 75


Tuesday 23 January (Senior Primary)  17h30
Grade Teacher Room No
Grade 4P Mrs Peter 96
Grade 4G Miss Gengan 97
Grade 4S Mrs Singh 95
Grade 5R Miss Govender 15
Grade 5P Miss Sook 71
Grade 5V Mrs Velayudan 70
Grade 6P Mrs Sa Pillay 13
Grade 6A Miss Anderson 14
Grade 7M Mrs Mocke Hall
Grade 7T Miss Towell Hall
Grade 7N Mrs Naidoo Hall

School Fees:

School fees for 2018 is R15 950,00 per child per year. A discount of R700,00 is offered for fees paid in full by the end of January.  Alternatively, installments are payable monthly from the end of January for 10 months at R1595,00 per month. Electronic payments into the school’s banking account may be made; please always include your child’s name as reference.  A Debit Order system can also be used to pay school fees.

Mathletics and Reading Eggs (R290 per learner):

Please note that this fee should have been paid in by 31 December 2017. If you haven’t done so, please contact the front office to make arrangements, as these programmes will commence shortly. Please note: This doesn’t apply to Grade 1 and Grade 7 pay for Mathletics only (R150).

IT and Media Centre:

Our new-look IT and Media centre is completed and looks stunning. Please pop by to have a look, should you have the time. The term “computer centre” will be replaced with “IT Centre” as the school will embark, this year, on developing out learners IT skills. More of this will be outlined at the Parent Information Evening.

Tablets (Grade 2 to 7)

We are currently busy with the final touches to our IT infrastructure. When this is complete, parents will be informed as to when to send the tablets to school. PLEASE DO NOT SEND TABLETS NOW.

SGB Election:

The three year term for our current SGB ends this year. SGB elections to elect a new body will take place as follows:

First meeting: 06 March 2018 at 08h00

Second Meeting : 15 March 2018 at 17h30

Collection of Learner Reports:

At the end of each term, parents will meet the class teacher to collect learner reports and discuss learner progress. The dates and times will be in the Term Plan.

Safety and Security:

Learner and staff safety will always remain a priority at school. All visitors to the school are expected to park across the street and report to the security guard on duty. Parents of learners with specific disabilities, must contact the Principal for special permission to drop off and pick up their child at the new staff parking. Visitors will sign in and will be issued with a Visitor’s Pass and Sign Out Slip. Please ensure that the Sign Out Slip is signed by a management member and both the Visitors Pass and Sign Out slip must be returned to the security guard when you exit. This process will apply at all times, including times when you bring your child late to school. Learners arriving late to school must be accompanied by their parent. Parents wishing to take leave for their child must report personally to the front office, where they will be issued with an official pass-out for the learner, which must be given to the guard on duty. The security guard has been instructed to not allow any child to exit the school without a parent and pass-out. Special and prior arrangements will be made with the security guard in an event where a group of learners are taken for sports trips. I hope that the above measures are appreciated by the community as it only serves to protect our children.

School Times: Please note that school times are –

  • Start – 07h40. Children should be at school by 07h30 in order to put their bags outside their classrooms and prepare for the day. Late arrivals are recorded and will be reflected in the school report at the end of each term.
  • Closing times

Grades 1 and 2 – 12h30 (Monday to Thursday)

Grades 3 to 7 – 14h05 (Monday to Thursday

All grades – 13h00 every Friday

 Attendance at Mosque on Fridays

Boys will be allowed to leave at 12h15 on Fridays in order to attend Mosque. They are to be fetched by an adult from the foyer area at this time. Parents are reminded that the boys are missing a substantial portion of the school day and the onus rests on the learner to catch up all missed work. All requests to leave early must be made in writing.

 Communication with Parents

Please notify the school of any change in addresses, telephone numbers (home, work, cellphones, emergency contact person) and email addresses, and any major changes within the household e.g. marital status / illness etc.

In order for us to improve our communication with you, we encourage you to install the D6 School Communicator on both your computer and mobile phone. It is safe and secure and is used daily by more than ¼ million people worldwide.

Installing the School Communicator is dead simple. Download the installer from the School Communicator website: www.school-communicator.com/downloads. While downloading click “save” and thereafter “run”. You can install the School Communicator on as many computers as you like.

You can also install the d6 School Communicator on your mobile phone. There are specific apps available for Blackberry, iPhone and Android. All you need to do is visit our School Communicator website: www.school-communicator.com/downloads from your mobile phone browser and download the app.

Social Media:

There will be times when the school will post our learners’ achievements on social media. This may involve pics of our learners. Should you have a concern about this, kindly inform the school.

 School Uniform:

Please ensure that your child is dressed in the correct school uniform at all times as this encourages the children to take pride in themselves and their school.  Please ensure that all belongings are marked clearly with your child’s name.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As from this year and until the current dresses are phased out, it is compulsory for all Grade 4-7 girls to wear their white shirt with their school dress throughout the year.

The following school-branded items are stocked and sold at school:

  • School bag
  • School anorak
  • School cap and hat

The outlet for school uniforms is:

  • The Little Shop in Kayden Centre, Scott Street, Scottburgh. Contact Number: 039 9760847


The extra mural programme will only start on 29 January, however, the following special arrangements is made to prepare some of our sports teams in preparation for upcoming matches and galas.

Sport arrangements for Friday 19 January to  Friday 26 January are as follows:

  • Swimming

Senior Primary School Team selection: Trials will be held this Friday(19 January) from 13h15 to 15h00 to select a shadow school squad. The team selected will have to attend compulsory early morning sessions (6h00 to 7h00) where the final school team will be selected for the upcoming galas.  

SP Inter-House Swimming Trials will be held next week during PE.

  • Selection of the school cricket team (14h15 – 15h15)

Monday 22 Jan – U12 / 13

Tuesday 23 Jan – U9 / U10 / U11

Wednesday 24 Jan – U12 / 13

Thursday 25 Jan – U9 / U10 / U11

Extra Murals from Monday 29 January:

The extra mural programme will be distributed on 24 January.

Grade 3 – 7 extra-mural activities continue until 15h15 with the exception of swimming, which will finish at 15h00. Please ensure that children are fetched on time. Foundation Phase learners’ extra murals take place from 13h00 – 14h00. ( Please see the programme for a new special slot for the different levels of swimmers).

Outdoor activities will be cancelled should we experience inclement weather conditions.  A decision in this regard is normally made at 12h00 with regard to Grades 1 and 2 and 13h00 for Grades 3 to 7.  An SMS or D6 School Communicator Alert will be sent out notifying parents of any cancellation. Coaches/Teachers will, however, take care of the learners during this session. You may collect your child if you need to, by calling at the front office.

 Communication with the School:

Your child’s teacher or members of school management are always available for an interview if you have a problem that needs to be discussed.  Appointments can be made by phoning the school or communicating your request for an appointment via your child’s notice book or homework book.  Confidential correspondence should be placed in a sealed envelope addressed to the person concerned.

 School Attendance / Illness:

Regular school attendance is essential in order for your child to achieve in the classroom, but please do not send sick children to school. Absentee notes are required if your child misses school – this should state clearly your child’s name, grade and reason for absence, as these notes are filed in your child’s file for record purposes.

Scholars’ Personal Accident Insurance – Marsh incorporating Alexander Forbes:

Information regarding pupils’ insurance is available at the office. Please contact Mrs Jones for further information.

Sweet-Free Mondays:

We will continue with our “Sweet-Free Mondays” policy and this applies not only to the school tuckshop, but also to lunches sent from home. Parents are asked to support this policy by not sending sweets / chips / fizzy drinks to school on Mondays. A tuckshop menu will be sent home with your child once the 2018 prices have been finalised.


The school website www.sps.org.za is regularly updated with news, information and, where possible, photos. Parents are encouraged to visit the website and subscribe to our bulk email service (click on the notice board tab and complete the form).

Facebook Page

Please remember to like our Facebook page – Scottburgh Primary.

MySchool Card:

A total of R14 368 was raised in 2017. This is a fundraiser for the school and parents are reminded to continue using their MySchool cards.


A total of R 6875 was raised in 2017 by just using your Makro card which is linked to the school. Please contact the school to link your card.


Mr S. Naidoo