Notice to Parents: 8/2016

19 April 2016

Dear SPS family,

School Uniform
The school is in the process of securing samples of possible new branded PE kit, tracksuit, house shirts, hats, swimming caps and towels.  We are meeting the various suppliers and once it is approved by the S.G.B, a communication will be sent to the parents as to the roll-out plan.  Please do not visit any of the current School Uniform suppliers for these items, as we are only in talks at the moment and they currently do not stock these items.

Ascension Day
Please take note that school will be closed on Thursday 5th May for Ascension Day.

Extra-Mural Activity – Wednesday 11th May
Please note that all extra-murals activities for Wednesday 11 May will be cancelled due to staff and parents being involved in the Sani 2 C fundraising drive.

New School Website and Facebook Page
Our school is in the process of designing a new website.  More information will be communicated shortly.  We have however launched our new Facebook page.  Please visit us on our Facebook page and add your “likes” and “comments”.

Term Plan
There has been some changes to some activities and dates.  Please follow the D6 communicator with regards to this.

Request for Arts and Craft Resources (Gr 1 to Gr 3)
There is a special request for knitting wool to be donated to school should you have extra at home.

Thanking you for your continued support
Yours sincerely
S. Naidoo