Notice to Parents: 9/2016

27 May 2016

Dear SPS Family,

We have almost come to the end of a very busy term. There are just a few updates for ou to take note of.

School Golf Shirt and PE Shorts
This has been approved. We are just in the process of confirming the pricing for this and will communicate this information to you shortly. We hope to have this up and running from the third term.

Senior Primary Exams
Due to changes with Department regulations, we had to amend our internal examination time table. All parents should have received a copy of the time table. The examination period runs from Friday 3 June to Friday 10 June. We had to compress the time table to cater for the above change so as to meet the deadline for the schedules and reports. Learners are encouraged to focus on preparing for this very important exams.

Extra-Mural Activity (Grade 3 – Grade 7)
Due to the June exams / revision programme, all extra murals for Grade 3 to Grade 7 will be suspended from June 6th to June 15th. Grade 1 and Grade 2 extra murals will continue as normal. Extra murals will continue in the final week of this term.

New School Website
We are very excited as our new school website is launched and will go live as of the 1st June 2016. There will be further additions to the website as we move along. I encourage all parents to browse through the website and share your positive comments via our Facebook page or email me directly. A huge thank you must go to Tamar Ellis, a freelance web designer from Computer Geeks, who is one of our parents and the person that designed our new website.

This was a huge success. We manage to raise an amount of approx. R116,000. The school would like to thank all the drivers and volunteers who took time off from their busy schedule to assist. A very big thank you to Mrs. Black for co-ordinating such an important event on our calendar and the SPS team for their support. I will be failing in my duty if I don’t add my disappointment with regards to drivers committing themselves but never showed up. This for me is unacceptable and hope that we can improve on this next year.

Grade 1 Admissions – 2017
There will be a meeting of all prospective Grade 1 parents for 2017 on Wednesday the 22nd June at the School hall at 8am. Please phone through or email the school to note your attendance.

5-A-Side Soccer Festival
Our school, for the first time, will host a 5-a-side soccer festival on Saturday 11th June. We are expecting 20 teams to participate in the U9, U11 and U13 age groups. We are looking for sponsorships in any form towards this tournament. If you are keen, please contact me.

Upcoming Events
04 June – Suid Natal – Rugby / Netball Festival
10 June – Inter-house cross country
11 June – SPS hosts 5-A-Side Soccer Festival
16 / 17 June – School Closed
21 June – Inter school cross country
24 June – Last day of term – early dismissal 10:30am
Special Assembly – Term 2 Academic / Sports Awards


Thank you for your continued support

Yours Sincerely,

S. Naidoo