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Overview & History

Scottburgh Primary School is situated in Scottburgh on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, and caters for learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7.


Scottburgh Primary School is committed to developing the full potential of all its learners by providing quality education in a congenial environment.


Scottburgh Primary School is committed to fulfilling the educational needs and aspirations of the Scottburgh Community. By instilling respect for all religions and beliefs we will provide a learning environment aimed at developing the whole child to enable them to become successful and well balanced members of society. We are committed to honesty, transparency and responsibility in all relationships, and will promote an attitude of tolerance, thus respecting the legitimate rights of individuals and stressing the importance of social awareness and responsibility. As a dynamic school we will adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement in every aspect of the school’s work and life.


Scottburgh Primary School has a long and interesting history stretching back to 4th August 1925 when the school first opened its doors to 20 pupils from Class One to Std 3. The school consisted of a wood and iron structure and was named “Scottburgh Government Aided School”.

Miss Roos was the first Principal of the school and she was followed by Mrs Ormond. In 1928 the school was renamed “The Scottburgh Government School” with an enrolment of 37 and classes ranging from Class 1 to Std 4.

On 1 September 1928 the first headmaster, Mr T. Wailes Barron took over the school. The school building was a wood and iron cottage consisting of four rooms, a kitchen and a pantry. It was situated not far from the present school site, on an acre of ground.

In 1931 the new school was erected on the present site and on 14th October 1938 a new block was completed. After much consultation the new High school was eventually allowed, and in 1968 Standard Seven was added to the school.

The Secondary Department progressed by one Standard each year, until in 1971 the first pupils sat for the Matriculation.

In 1976 the High School section moved to its new premises. The Primary School was housed in prefabs until the new school buildings were officially handed over on 24th July 1985.

The School Crest

The crest consists of a sailing vessel in the lower left corner of a shield, depicting the commanding outlook from the school over the sea, and an Umdoni tree in the top right hand corner, capturing the beauty of the view. These two symbols are separated by a wide band for the motto: “Learn to Labour”. These three words should be read with the remainder of the last stanza of the poem, “A Psalm of Life” by H.W. Longfellow, to sense its full meaning.

Let us then be up and doing

With a heart for any fate;

Still achieving, still pursuing,

Learn to Labour and to wait.

Scottburgh Primary School - Learn to Labour